The Voice of the Entrepreneur A 6-week, live, online event that will change your pitching skills forever



The course will increase your ability to raise capital from the best investors.


You will improve your skill at building trust with customers and clients.


You will also learn how to influence and inspire your team.

Your voice is the real key to success as a speaker

To truly succeed as an entrepreneur, it isn’t enough to merely be a good communicator.

You must be great!

Your voice is your most powerful communication tool. It instantly exposes your true feelings, emotions, passion and even your authenticity. Whether you like it or not. As soon as you stand up and begin to speak, audiences (investors, customers, team members) will instantly start to judge your personality and your character.

Much more than the actual words that you speak, your voice will be the basis of that judgement.

Will audiences find your voice to be Dynamic or Boring (and just tune you out)? Will you come across as Competent on your topic or Clueless? Authentic or just Faking it?

The Neuroscience of Voice

In this amazing course we will

  • teach you the neuroscience behind why your voice is so incredibly important
  • show you the research and science that explains why first impressions are so critical
  • teach you how to listen to your own voice and those of others
  • teach you how to choose your most powerful voice when pitching or presenting
  • scientifically analyse your voice, provide you with before/after reports and give you individual coaching.

Join us on this amazing training. Only 10 participants will be enrolled, so there will be lots of individual time on each entrepreneur.


This is an online course running every Wednesday from March 1st through April 5th, 2017.

Week 1 - March 1, 2017 - Voice Reports & Intro
  • Voice Testing for all Participants
  • Preparation of first Pitches
  • Audience Response Prediction
Week 2 - March 8 @ 17:00-19:30 - The Power of Words, Music & Dance
  • Words, Music, Dance and Influence
  • How your Pitch affects Audiences
  • Group Exercise, Entrepreneur Pitch & Feedback
Week 3 - March 15 @ 17:00-19:30 - Pace, Pauses & the 5 Voices
  • The Five Voices of Impact
  • How Pace influences your Audience
  • Group Exercise, Entrepreneur Pitch & Feedback
Week 5 - March 29 @ 17:00-19:30 - Disfluencies & Articulation
  • How disfluencies cripple your power
  • The Magic of Enunciation and Articulation
  • Action Planning for the Future
Week 6 - April 5 - Final Report & Coaching
  • 2nd Detailed Voice Report
  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Creating a Personal Plan for the Future

Join now at a price you will NEVER see again!

NOK 12.000

[cl-counter initial=”NOK 12000″ final=”NOK 4000″ title=”The price will never be this affordable again”]We have held many, many workshops, courses and seminars, but this is the first time for this entrepreneurial online course. Because of this, we have a very limited number of participants, and we can offer this at an extremely low introductory price.

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  • The course is delivered in 4 modules over six weeks, where the first and last week is preparations and concluding work.  There will be one (live & interactive) online session per week for 4 weeks.
  • Each participant will receive a workbook with exercises, tips and a progress journal.
  • Each participant will be given two voice tests;  one prior to the beginning of the first workshop and another at the completion of the workshop.
  • Each participant will receive a detailed voice report after each voice test.
  • Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will participate in a personal (1 to 1) coaching session (duration 45 minutes)
    Each participant will receive a free copy of the Voiceable App (upon release of the Beta version)

Course requirements

This course is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to pitch to investors or sell products to clients. The content from this course is easy enough for anyone to use, yet contains techniques and tools that someone who is an experienced communicator will find valuable. In this workshop we will be using a set of scientific voice analysis tools that we guarantee you have never before worked with. These tools accelerate the feedback process and increase the speed at which entrepreneurs can learn to improve their speaking skills. We will also be working online in teams to give each other valuable feedback for improvement.


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