Voiceable trains your voice to give you the impact you deserve

Think about this for a second. We don’t hear our own voices. You don’t even like the sound of your own voice. It is a universal human phenomenon. Listeners hear your voice completely different than the voice you hear in your head.

We have coached senior executives, professional investors, speakers and entrepreneurs for more than a decade. It is rare that we meet a client who truly understands his or her own voice and how to harness it’s real impact. If you want more impact and influence in your pitches and presentations, then work on your voice.

“Voiceable has helped me prepare for my TEDx talk. Love it! Recommended!”

Ulla Sommerfelt

CEO and Business Angel, EGGs Design

Meet your personal speech coach

Your voice is your most important communication tool. As soon as you get up and start to speak, audiences will judge your personality. Voiceable is a technology that can scientifically analyse your voice to give you immediate feedback about how your audiences are likely to respond to you. The app enables you to learn quickly and helps you to track your progress over time.

Cutting edge science

Voiceable is based on state of the art speech science, and uses Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to discover the dynamics of your voice. The foundations for this technology are built on a wealth of audience response data, neuroscience and expert voice coach analyses that we and other scientists have collected. Your voice is your most important communications tool. Use this cutting edge science to learn to improve your ability to have more impact and influence.

“I was surprised by the voice measurements I got from Voiceable. Not only was it interesting to learn, but also really valuable as feedback.”

Tellef Tveit

Co-Founder & Product Director, Learnlink

It´s a simple 4-step process

1. Record

First you record a 30-60 second sample of your speaking voice on a subject you’re passionate about. Don’t be boring!

2. Analyze

Then we run a full scientific spectral analysis of your voice characteristics to highlight the tone and quality of your individual voice.

3. Compare

We compare your voice to some of the world’s most influential speakers to build an impression of how you sound to others.

4. Learn

We give you some Jedi-style tips to help improve how you sound and how you connect with audiences.

Learn from the experts

Whether you are a business leader, a tech entrepreneur or a concerned parent, you need to be able to communicate clearly and sometimes powerfully. This is not a “nice to have” skill. This is a key to success in whatever you attempt to achieve in life. Voiceable has created an online training course where you will learn how to radically improve the effect of your communication. You will learn how to connect more deeply with your core message, how to align your words, voice and body language in order to move and influence your listeners. This course is ideal for Business Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs, but also for Teachers and Students.

This course contains over 40 video lessons including exercises, tips and case studies. Learn more… Click here