May 30 - 09:00 am


December 18 - 04:00 pm

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Rick Salmon - Voiceable



Forskningsparken Gaustadaleén 21, Oslo

Oslo, NO

A 1-day live workshop event that can change your public speaking skills forever!

Why are great communicators able to Influence audiences? What do they do that gives them the power to move people? The speaking voice is one of the keys that most people have never really learned about. If you are a speaker, a presenter, a podcaster or simply someone who has a lot to say, come join us for a fun, challenging and valuable workshop. Come learn how to harness your own Voice.

In this workshop, we will: 

  •  Test your skills and scientifically analyze your unique voice characteristics

  •  Identify your voice strengths as well as your weaknesses 

  •  Show you how audiences are likely to respond to your voice

  •  Give you individual coaching on how to have more influence

  •  Provide exercises and tips for how to improve rapidly

  •  Teach you how to make better voice choices in order to strengthen your message and to give you greater Influence and Impact with audiences

  •  Help you to find YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE – what is your message?

Join speaker, facilitator and executive coach Rick Salmon and learn how to become a more powerful speaker and presenter.  The workshop will be held at Forskningsparken, (Gaustadallé 21, Oslo). 


What can I bring into the event?

To get the most out of this event, three things; First, prepare a short intro to yourself. If I met you at a networking event, how would you tell me “who are you and what do you do?”. Second, come prepared to discuss a specific speaking challenge or event you are preparing for. Working on a real-life example will give you the best results. Third, come prepared to have fun. And relax… I won’t ask you to sing or dance or do anything terribly embarassing. We will work together to learn and to help each other to be the best versions of ourselves possible!  

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Yes. Send an email to:  Rick Salmon ( and ask any questions you might have.  

What’s the refund policy?

We offer a 100% refund policy. If you attend the workshop and are not 100% satisfied, then we will refund your money in its entirety. No problem. No questions asked. Registered participants who fail to attend are not eligible for a refund.